Top 10 Best Dive Computers

What is Dive Computer?

Diving is a very extreme activity. Therefore, diving should not be done haphazardly. Diving is a sport that survives in water for a long time. Before diving, you need to prepare a variety of tools needed first. Dive equipment that you must prepare very much like masks, regulator sets, BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), dive computers, and scuba tanks. Each tool has a different function. This article will discuss one of the functions of diving equipment, namely, dive computer.

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Definition of Dive Computer

Dive computers are one of the most important diving equipment that you must have and prepare before diving. The dive computer is a diving device that serves to show air pressure and air temperature in water. In addition, the die computer also functions to measure the depth of the water when you are diving. This is very important for your security and safety because the dive computer can prevent bad risks when diving. Dive computers will prevent you from the risk of decompression illness. The dive computer is indeed one of the very expensive diving equipment, but behind the high price of dive computer also has uses that are very important for your diving activities.

The Function of Dive Computer

Dive computers have many functions for divers and here are the functions of the dive computer:

  1. Dive computers are used to calculate Non-Decompression-Limit which serves to provide information about the depth of water and how long it is safe to dive.
  2. Dive computer functions to calculate the remaining nitrogen in your body.
  3. Not only functions when diving, but dive computer also functions when you have finished diving. The dive computer will calculate no flight interval and determine the time allowed for your flight after diving.
  4. Calculate the pressure and temperature of the air in water based on nitrox. Not only that, but the dive computer will also count the gases or other combinations.
  5. The dive computer also functions as a depth-alarm. This tool will sound automatically when you have dived to the maximum depth that was previously set. In addition, the dive computer also functions as a diving-alarm that will remind the maximum time limit as set.

For beginners, dive computers are a must-have tool. Besides its function, you also need to know how to use a dive computer properly before you dive. Divers must meet the international safety standards of using a dive computer by studying the dive table properly and understanding the science behind the table. Diving is not always about your abilities, but your safety and security also need attention.

Top 10 Best Dive Computers