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Top 10 Best Wifi Boosters

Things to Consider in Choosing and Installing WiFi Boosters

Wifi boosters, are they really necessary? It must be really annoying if your work is just disturbed due to the bad WiFi signal. Undeniably, there are many factors that influence the WiFi performance. The building’s conditions or your position can just make the signal not stable. For such conditions, a WIFi booster is definitely needed. Since there are so many product options out there, being smart in choosing one of them is needed. Make sure to consider the following things to get the best product.

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Fit to the WiFi Communication Speed

The WiFi booster performance must fit well to the communication speed had by the main router. When you use the high-speed internet with 1000 Mbps in 5GHz, it means that the booster must support the speed also. If both are not compatible, the booster may not work well. So, consult it first to the shop’s staff. You can bring the router with you while choosing the booster.

Pay Attention to the Router WiFi Installation

In many cases, it is not about the WIFi that needs a booster. The problem comes from the router itself that is not installed properly in the right place. When this is what happens to you, installing WiFi boosters may not give any good effect at all. But if the router has been installed in the best place and the speed is still low, this is how you need a booster.

Choose the Best Booster Type

There are mainly 2 types of booster in the market; they are wired and wireless boosters. The best booster type to choose should be adjusted to the router position as well. The wireless booster can be chosen when the router is placed in the remote area while you just want to connect to the internet everywhere. Meanwhile, a booster with wire is better if the position is not too far from where you commonly use the internet.

Check the LAN Port of the Router

If you are using a device without a WiFi feature, make sure to check whether there is the LAN port or not. The port is basically functioned to connect the device to the router and booster. Even the number of the ports must be known also. it is to make sure that all devices needed can be connected to each other. Why is the port really needed? It is basically functioned as the alternative particularly if the WiFi feature in your device cannot work well with WiFi boosters.

Top 10 Best Wifi Boosters