Top 10 Best Smart Door Locks

Smart Door Locks : You Can Open The Door With A Smartphone Now
You know what, now smartphones can replace keys!

What is smart door locks ?

Yes, smart door locks, your house key or private room key can now be done using an application on your smartphone or tablet. Guaranteed to be very safe, because it is supported by extra security mechanisms such as passwords, patterns, to biometric security such as fingerprints and eye scanners.

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Advances in technology are indeed going very fast, and not only penetrated in the field of communication. Now technological advances have penetrated many fields and almost everything we can get easily and cheaply. Advances in technology are certainly very helpful in human life, making it easier for all kinds of human activities, but we must continue to keep abreast of existing developments, not necessarily possessing, but at least knowing.

Maintaining home security now is not only enough to use keys and many locks, but the technology is also increasingly used as a tool for criminals to steal or enter our homes without permission, such as smart door locks.

That way we must be smarter than criminals or thieves. Technology can also help us secure our homes, one of which is with sophisticated devices that are connected to our smartphone devices. This smart door locks tool is a sophisticated padlock that utilizes our smartphone or cellphone device as a key to open it. This device has been equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity which is useful for connecting to a smartphone device. This device also allows us to lock the door of the house from wherever we are using a cellphone. Even when we are not at home and our relatives visit the house, we can open the door remotely.

How to operate it?

Technology that helps, of course, its use will not make users confused, because the way it works is quite simple and to use it is also very easy. For iOS and Android users, you must first connect the device to the home network and make sure it is connected to the internet. The next step is you need to make an account to manage the lock system. When you have finished, you can simply connect to the internet, and can already run the application. After that, you will be able to lock the door anytime and anywhere.

Various advanced features are also present to complete smart door locks such as the feature notification that will send information such as a sudden unlocked door or a battery that needs to be recharged and a feature sensor that will inform us if someone knocks on the door.
Are you ready to move to smart house with smart door locks?

Top 10 Best Smart Door Locks