Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Things to Know Virtual Reality Headsets

What are virtual reality headsets? Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-based technology that combines a special device so that the users can interact more deeply with the virtual environment. This way, it feels like you are being the part of them. Sure, just like the name, the environment is not real and simulated by the computer visually and audio. In the virtual reality headset, the headset is the hardware or device that gives you access to enter the virtual world. This device is commonly used for gaming or video watching.

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How the VR Headset Works

In general, the VR headset is functioned to support other devices (Smartphone or PC). Therefore, the screen can still be in front of us no matter where our eyes are looking at. Different from the standard headset, this type of headset gives richer experience. If commonly, the regular headset only enables us to hear the sound of music, a VR headset also gives you a realistic visual so that what should be on the screen can be seen around.

Currently, the high-quality VR may only be enjoyed in certain places or times. But in the future, you can even enjoy it anytime and anywhere, even at home. Well, it sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

How to Use a VR Headset

Using virtual reality headsets is very easy. Similar to using other “traditional” headsets, you only need to plug it in on the Smartphone or PC’s socket. Then wear the headset like what it is said in the instruction. Now, you can enjoy the VR environment around you. Of course, the games, videos, or other platforms to watch must support this technology also. Without them, the headset cannot work well for sure. Besides, the Smartphone or PC must have been in the Mode VR.

The Development of VR Headsets

Although the term of virtual reality seems to know only these recent days, the development was started way back in the 50’s. Morton Heilig, a person with Motion Picture Hollywood background just wanted people to feel the sensation of entering a film. He then created the Sensorama simulation. With the simulation, the movie lovers can feel what the actors really feel inside the movie just like they are around.

In the middle of 1980 was the first time people used the term of Virtual Reality. Jaron Lanier was the one who developed some VR products at that time starting from the goggles and gloves. Well, the goggle is basically the prototype of virtual reality headsets.

Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets