Top 10 Best 360 Degree Cameras

A complete description of 360 Degree Cameras

What is 360 Degree Cameras?

360 Degree Cameras are now being a new trend. Photo modes are now more and more different kinds, such as bokeh photos, panoramas, to the latest 360-degree photos. This 360-degree concept photo is photography that will capture all sides from left, right, back, front to top and bottom of the main object. Interestingly, the resulting photo is not square or square but resembles an earth globe.

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This interesting result is much in demand by many people if you want to have a photo with a concept like this you don’t have to have sophisticated tools enough with a smartphone you have gotten the results of this 360-degree photo.

Actually to be able to produce photos or 360-degree recordings requires a special camera that produces 360-degree angles. But to simply take 360-degree images, your smartphone can do it as long as your smartphone supports VR and Gyroscope sensor support.

What are the advantages of 360 Degree Cameras?

1. Infinite angle
Watching 3D videos may be familiar to you, but what about 360 Degree Cameras videos?
Yes, through 360 Degree Cameras will allow you to take pictures from all angles. So, being able to produce videos that can be seen from various sides. So, the right-left side, front-back, and all angles can be recorded clearly. This breakthrough is a breath of fresh air for those of you who like documentation because it will provide many new things that are very interesting and are not limited by the camera angle.

2. Accurate results
Generally, 360 Degree Cameras have two (or more) fisheye lenses with a range of 180 °. Each lens is synchronized to take and combine images simultaneously. So, it can produce sharp and accurate images. Not only video, when used to take photos any 360 Degree Cameras is also capable of producing images with amazing distortion. With this way of working, it can be said that the results you make will be very accurate, being able to summarize all directions of the object.

3. A different viewing experience
If you are used to seeing ordinary cameras, then when you meet this one camera you will experience a very different experience. The camera with 360 Degree Cameras can provide the best experience ever. How not, just by looking at the video results, as if we were in the scene and feel the sensation directly.

For those of you who want to capture the moment with a different impression, but still have good quality, you can try using 360 Degree Cameras that has the angle in all directions.

Top 10 Best 360 Degree Cameras