Top 10 Best DIY Alarm Systems

How To Installing A DIY Alarm System at Home

A DIY alarm system trend available on the market helps people who want to install an alarm a lot. This alarm system is easy to install and affordable. As a result, you can install it by yourself and get the same benefits that the manufacturers offer to their customers.

Components You Get from A DIY Alarm System
So, what do you get from a package of this alarm system? Are the components simpler than other systems? Remember! The idea of this product is to make sure that users can install the alarm system by themselves at home. Indeed, the components are much simpler than other systems.

Top 3 DIY Alarm Systems

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Main Panel and Keypad
The main panel and keypad are the two most important components in an alarm system. You will use these components to control the system, such as activate and deactivate the system. Alarm manufacturers start to launch a variety of main panels and keypads due to the popularity of this product. Those who ever work with this installation may use the advanced panel and keypad version. An advanced panel and keypad give more things to do, such as programming the alarm settings.

Window and Door Sensors
This component triggers the alarm to react once there is a movement in the window or door. You only have to install the sensors in the windows and doors at home. It is okay to buy sensors based on the number of windows and doors where you want to install the alarm.

Motion Detectors
Motion detectors have the same function as window and door sensors. The difference is that the detector will react when it detects a motion in a room where you install an alarm. You can also get the advanced version that is a little bit more sophisticated than the standard version. Advanced motion detectors have a feature that allows them to connect with security cameras. This component will record a video when it starts to detect a movement. You can even watch the video in real-time if you take the more sophisticated motion detector and alarm system.

The Way to Install A DIY Alarm System
Now, you know the main components of a DIY alarm system. The next thing to know is the way to install this security device. Follow the steps below and use the system right away.

Install the Panel and Keypad
Decide first the best spot to install the alarm panel and keypad. One of the best places to install this component is close to the primary entry door and close to a power source. This location makes it easy to activate the alarm once it is ready. The process is also easy to do. You only need a hammer and small nails. Use the hammer to put small nails into the wall. Then, hang the panel on the nail. Make sure that the panel is strong enough there before continuing to the next process. It doesn’t matter if you can’t put holes in the wall. Use a removable double-sided adhesive as an alternative to install the alarm system panel and keypad.

Install Sensors and Detectors
Continue the process by installing sensors and detectors once you finish with the panel and keypad. The installation of these components is simpler, along with a peel and stick to hold them into place. This feature also allows you to move the sensors and detectors anytime you want. Areas near windows and doors are the best location to install alarm sensors and detectors.

Test the System
The alarm system is ready. The process takes only a few minutes if you follow the instructions well. The last thing to do is testing whether the alarm works or not. Try to open the windows or doors and check the sensitivity of the sensors or detectors to detect your action. That’s it! You don’t need to call an expert only to install an alarm system at home.

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The Benefits of Installing An Alarm System By Yourself
You will get more than a security system when you are installing an alarm system. The benefits below may trigger you to install an alarm by yourself immediately.

More Affordable
You will cut the cost a lot if you can install this security device at home by yourself. The cost of the components is also affordable enough. You may only spend less than $100 to get a suitable alarm system package. The cost can be a little bit higher if you choose the advanced system. Imagine if you call an expert to handle everything. The process may cost around $1500 per a 2.000-square-foot home. You even still have to spend extra $29.95 to $41.95 for the regular monitoring fees.

Easy to Install

Indeed, this alarm system is easy to install. You only have to read the instructions carefully and do them correctly. The alarm system is ready to use within a few minutes up to hours. It is because a DIY security system often uses radio signals that are easier to install compared to the wired alarm system. Installing a wired alarm system is more complex because you have to drill holes on the walls, ceilings, woodwork, and concrete.

Simpler Installation System
Unlike a wired alarm system, DIY security systems are simpler. Nowadays, some alarm systems are even compatible with a cellphone. You can still use the alarm well without a landline connection.

Work Effectively
Only because it is a DIY product doesn’t mean that the alarm system can’t work effectively. Some products have features that help to call someone you know when there is an emergency. It means you don’t need to spend extra money for the outside monitoring company. A DIY alarm system can call your first family member. If they don’t answer your call, the system will call another person. You can set the program to dial multiple phone numbers.

So, you don’t have to postpone your plan to install a security system at home. The DIY alarm system version and do everything yourself. The idea is how to protect your assets and the entire family in the house right away. At least, you get an alert when there is something suspicious at home.

Top 10 Best DIY Alarm Systems

Best DIY Alarm Systems Pros and Cons
DIY alarm systems sound like a strange idea for many people especially because nowadays they can find the home security system offered by the professional company. People will consider installing home security system because they want to create a house which is really comfortable and safe. There might be bad people out there who can cause harm to their house and family so it is crucial for doing anything necessary for keeping the family safe. DIY home security might be considered especially when people cannot deal with the monthly fees of alarm system. Here are the pros and cons of this option.

There are several good reasons which make people should consider the DIY system for their home security. The first reason cannot be separated from the cost. It is more cost effective for installing DIY system instead of paying the installation cost and monthly fee of the traditional system of home security. People can accustom the most system components of the DIY home security system. They only need to use keypad and sensors for window, door, and also motion. The very basic system will not cost more than $200 after all. This fee will only be paid one time. There is no need to pay more after they purchase the system.

Another great reason installing DIY system for home security is that it is wireless. There is no need to wire the home security system into the home electrical system. It means that it will be easier for installing the system. Expanding, moving, changing, and even upgrading the system will not be difficult at all in this circumstance.

Since there is no wiring need for DIY home security system, it will also mean that the system can be moved. There is no need to worry if they have to move to the new place in the future. They can just bring the security system along with them. People who rent the house do not have to think twice about installing this alarm system because uninstalling it can be easy when they have to get out from the rented place. Renters surely will find very great benefit from DIY home security system.

People can find many DIY systems for home security which is completed with the features of smart home. This feature will allow users for monitoring home and adjusting various functions in the house from light to thermostat using application on the smart phone or online portal. There will also be alerts on the cell phone when the alarm system is breached.

Besides all of the fabulous benefits which can be offered by DIY home security system, people must not forget that it also comes with some drawbacks. People consider DIY home security system because they want to save money. However, they have to spend a lot of money for the add-ons. Sometimes the basic system of home security will not be enough. There can be a time when people need more components such as extra sensors for the window. They have to pay more money for the additional components. It can be expensive spending after all because most DIY home security system only comes with 2-3 sensors for the windows.

DIY system for home security is considered simple because it usually only offers the basic package. It is different from the professional companies because there will be offers of security system which is more than the basic package. If people are looking for home security system which is connected to the police, DIY one surely will not be the best choice. Limited support and warranty also becomes another drawback of DIY alarm systems.

3 Best DIY Alarm Systems