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Top 10 Best Electric Hand Warmers

A Guide Before You Buy Electric Hand Warmers

Hands, as well as feet, are playing an important role in our body to keep its temperature. When your environment gets colder, you will notice that your hands and feet will get colder first. This happens because the blood vessels in your hands and feet constrict or get narrow as a normal response to let more blood to the body core and get the vital organs protected. However, this will cause your fingers and toes to freeze and stiff so it is difficult to make them functional. Cold feet and hands are just normal responses from humans. Some people are getting cold hands more quickly and easier than others, but it is possible to happen to everybody.

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Products to keep your hands warm

People used to use heat packs to keep their hands warm in a cold situation. Unfortunately the disposable only can be used one time and they also don’t produce enough heat so that they are not such a favorite option.

These days rather than heat-packs people are shifting to a more practical device, electric hand warmers that use the battery as the power source. The technology of lithium-ion batteries will give you more heat and more uses than disposable heat packs. Because the electric hand warmers seem to be very popular so fast, the options are getting more and more variety. To choose which one is the best can be difficult, that is why you need a guide so you don’t end up choosing what you will regret.

What to consider before buying one

The first is the battery. To find the electric hand warmers with a longer life and can perform better, you need to choose the battery capacity that is big enough. The range of capacities ranges from three thousand to eight thousand mAh. Many types of hand warmers also function as a USB charger, so if you need a multifunction hand warmer, choose the one with the charger on it.

The second, it is better to choose the warmer that provides heat for both sides of the device. The double-sided device is a lot more efficient since it will spread the heat evenly on your hands.

Finally, you need to see the shape or design, how ergonomic is the device? How heavy is it? bigger battery capacity will make the hand warmer feels heavier since the battery is bigger in size. You will have to choose between the performance vs portability here.

Top 10 Best Electric Hand Warmers