Top 9 Best Stand Up Pedal Boards

Faster Way With Stand Up Pedal Boards

Stand up pedal boards are the new exciting to try for you. If you have ever had a chance to do the paddle boarding, you might have got used to know how to ride the paddle. The traditional ones are the ones you have to sit when the wave coming. But, the stand up pedal boards let you experience more on the sensation of standing on the pedal through the water.

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The Story Behind

For those who never rides a pedal board, it was commonly known that it was originally from Hawaii. However, some said that it went back then found in Africa used to practice for standing on the canoes. Then, a Hawaiian surfer came and made some contemporary style using pedal board and it was around the 16th century at that time.

Gradually this trend continued and arrived in Tel Aviv. It was around the 20th century where the lifeguards used it mostly. Their purpose was to be able see clearer view of the swimmers in such farther place around the sea. And it came to another and another people who thought it was cool and useful to ride the pedal board, either for personal desire or broader public needs. And the more popular it is, the more stand up pedal boards are needed. It helps more to be stable when you are riding it. And this kind of pedal boards now are a way more popular because there have been lots of world competition been held since 1990s.

A glance about the Design & Materials

For you who are new or already know this pedal, it is absolutely a must to know how good and trusted materials used for making the best pedal. For the average to high quality pedal, most of them use polyester, a kind of plastic or glass reinforced. The material sometimes is from epoxy resin also which well – matched with expanded polystyrene or polyurethane foam which use inside or in the core. Beside those materials, sometimes you might see a pedal made from a hollow balk construction. And for the riverine pedal type, it will use some different polymers and fabrics to bear the abuse or breaking the board.

Following the need of the users, the stand up type of it is asked numerous times to help someone who wants to propel or raft down the stream on the board. Generally, it consists of a shaft, a blade and handle.


For the paddles, you can think it is similar to the traditional canoe pedals but it is longer. The pedals we are talking about is constructed from:

  • Carbon
  • Wood with specific flat blade on 1 end connects to the handle & using a long smooth shaft on other hand
  • Fiberglass (a substitute of the wood)


It is designed with a round or an oval shaft.some of the blades can be designed differently with its specific features and shapes. But if you ask about the general one, the blade normally use a banana shape peel style with sometimes using a light keel at the back. So basically, different designs can be for particular purposes or conditions such as for flat lake water, ocean water, long or short distance.

How to Use

A common and simpler way to describe how to use this stand up pedal boards is by these steps:

  • Hold the pedal with 2 hands
  • Keep it mind to use wide grip concept rather than hands close
  • The body and the blade are tilted away
  • If you want to ride quicker, you can use the push pulled method that offers you to paddle gently to around the water and lift back out from the water.

Top 10 Best Stand Up Pedal Boards