Top 10 Best Soundbars

You Can Resist From These Soundbars

Mediabars or often we call it soundbars are a type of audio loudspeaker for big areas. The purpose is to reach a wider enclosure. You often see it on the TV cabinet or near other display tools such as near the computer monitor, home theater display screen or under the TV. And in addition, if you follow the TV era, now you barely can find old TV products. All TV displays nowadays are in High Definition standards. And all is in flat screen type. So, to support those tiny flat TV screen, you have to buy additional speakers or here the soundbars will help you.

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  • It is slim and unobtrusive
  • Its size is eye-catching by providing small display
  • It is also easy to set
  • It is absolute less expensive than bigger stereo sound speakers or systems
  • Because it is small, you find it will be easy to place


  • Since it is small, it affects to the positioning. It lacks of its flexibility
  • Again, the smaller the device is, the less coverage it can cover. It seems that soundbars cannot fill the room

The Latest Trend

Come along with the savvier a flat smartscreen TV displays, the soundbars are upgraded to have wireless systems. And, the soundbar hybrid overs all directions such as left, right, center speakers, rear right and rear left speakers. Furthermore, with the upgrading phase, soundbars really gives you more flexibility and comfort. However, for those who are not used to it, it is sometimes tricky to choose the best of it. So here the tips before you buy the soundbars:

  • Get the subwoofers
    Whatever the brands you will buy, you should put it on the top note that you should buy one with the subwoofers. The subwoofers will help you to have fuller sound, add rumble and punch to the TV movies and shows. It simply gives you more sound effects.
  • Connections
    Comes along with your excitement to buy new soundbar, you have to be careful to check the connections its brands provide. Mostly, you probably only need one cable to connect your TV to the soundbar. But some other occasions, the HDMI interface needs more supports for more audio formats to give higher sound quality. So, the HDMI usually provides dolby atmos, dolby digital plus, dts:x, dts, dolby digital and stereo audio systems.
  •  Channels
    You might find difficulty when you’re shopping the soundbar. It is most likely to be the label number such as 3.1, 5.1 or 2.0.

The clues are:
The first number before the period = refers to the number of the drivers in the soundbars or how many channels it has.
– 2 channels = 2 drivers (left and right)
– 3 channels = 3 drivers (left, center and right)
– 5 channels = 5 drivers (left, center, right and 2 additional surround or rear sound speakers)

The number after the period = refers to whether it has subwoofer (1) or not (0). And sometimes, you might see there are 3 numbers. For example: 5.1.4 = it means that the soundbars are eligible with the Dolby Atmos. The last number refers to the dedicated number drivers that can fire up to the ceiling or means bouncing sound to create a developing effects.

  • Placement and IR SENSORS
    Considering the most common place to put the soundbar is under the TV, you have to make sure that you aware how the sound might crack up because it bounces the edges of the TV cabinet. And the IR Sensors is like a repeater to pass the signal to the TV’s sensor from the soundbar itself.

Top 10 Best Soundbars