Top 10 Best Apple Replacement Watch Bands

Tips to Choose Apple Replacement Watch Bands

Apple Watch is one of the best devices ever released by Apple. It changes how people use a mobile device. With this watch, you can improve your productivity by just wearing it. However, it also has a similar character as a wristwatch. One of them is the watchband that sometimes doesn’t match your preference. If you are facing this kind of problem right now, there is only one thing that you need to do. You have to find a new watch band for your Apple Watch. For that reason, you can get apple replacement watch bands. The question is how can we choose the right and the best band for our Apple Watch?

Top 3 Apple Replacement Watch Bands

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How to Choose Apple Replacement Watch Bands

• Choosing the design
The first thing you should consider is the design. As we all know, the standard watch band for Apple Watch has a monotone color. However, you can find watch bands for Apple Watch that use a different shape, color, and pattern. So, to make your Apple Watch look great on your wrist, make sure you choose the design that you like.

The design here is not about changing the color to the brighter one. You can even find the watchband that uses a different material, like crystal and even precious gemstone. So, if you want to change the watchband, the design is the first thing you have to consider.

• Find the right material
As we mentioned above, you also have to choose the material of the watch band that you want to buy. Leather material is a good choice because it will make your Apple Watch look elegant. The combination of the classic leather material with the modern Smartwatch will create one of the best appearances you ever had. Other than that, you also can choose plastic, rubber or other material that you like.

The most important thing to notice here is it has to be comfortable to wear. So, find the material that doesn’t cause an allergic effect on your skin. Moreover, if the material is also breathable type material, that is also a good choice. It will give your skin under the watch band room to get some air, which reduces the risk of inflammation or irritation. The key here is finding the most comfortable material for you.

Another thing you also should know is the origin of the material. Some people don’t like or use a material that comes from a specific source. For example, a vegan won’t wear a watchband made of animal leather. So, you also have to pay attention to this matter. Try to find the only material that goes with your belief. That will be the best watch band for your Apple Watch.

• Choosing the right size
Make sure you choose the watch band that matches your hand or wrist size. Find how big the watch lugs are and the width of the band. Make sure both match each other. That will be easy to install and wear when you need it.

The right size also affects its appearance. If you choose the too big watchband, it will look too messy on your wrist. You can’t even close it enough properly, which also makes you feel uncomfortable when you wear it. If you choose the smaller size, it also looks annoying. It will be difficult to move and close properly.

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• Choose the right band for the right model
Once you know the best size for your wrist, you should find the watch band that matches your Apple Watch model. The right watchband will be easier to install when it is compatible with the Apple watch model that you have. Moreover, it also is more secure, so you can wear it without worrying about it falling or loosening up.

• Buy it from the reliable provider
Visit the store that provides an original and good quality product. You don’t want to get a cheap and low-quality product. That won’t match your purpose of changing the Apple Watch band with the new one. You want to look good on it and get the watch band that matches your preference. So, get it from the right place. Furthermore, if you buy it from a reliable provider, you also can get a lot of benefits. Most of them offer the Apple Watch replacement band at a much lower price than other stores that also sell a similar product.

• Follow the changing instruction
Apple provides detailed guidelines to change the Apple Watch band. So, once you get the watch band that you want, make sure you follow that instruction. Otherwise, it will only damage your Apple Watch. Moreover, if you also damage the lug, you can’t even put on the new wrist band on it. That will only waste your money.

• Find one that has extra features
The replacement band for your Apple Watch band also has many useful features you can get. For example, you can get a watch band that has waterproof, anti-scratch, and other features that can give it more value. So, you need to find the feature that you like.

• Use the warranty
Apple Watch band is also included in the Apple Watch warranty. Therefore, if it is damaged or unable to work as it should be, you can always call Apple to ask for a replacement, as long as the warranty is still active. However, use this method as your last resort, when you don’t have time to search the watch band and you are short on budget. Otherwise, you should use the method and tips we mentioned before.

As you can see, finding and choosing apple replacement watch bands is not that difficult. You just have to match it with your needs and preferences. And, you also can find many stores that have them for you. However, the most important thing you have to remember here is choosing the band that feels comfortable to wear. That product will be the best choice for your new Apple Watch band.

Top 10 Best Apple Replacement Watch Bands

Apple Watch Bands Features
Apple watch bands are one of many gadgets that Apple Corporation invented that always be trending. This watch may look like an ordinary digital watch, but if we look at it closely, it is a smartwatch that contains a lot of features that give us a lot of benefits.
Before we spend our money from the pocket or swipe our credit cards, we should know what kind of features that this smartwatch can give us. Or else, we might regret buying it. So in this article, we will discuss the features of it.

You can recharge it through induction
One of the advantages of the Apple smartwatch is you can recharge the power through the induction method. As we know that Apple Watch has a system called inductive charging, the only thing you need to do is rubbing the buttons or port while attaching the cable on the backside because there’s a magnet.

Has a navigation feature
One of the cool features of the Apple smartwatch is the GPS feature. With this, users can see and know their position on the map in an easy and fast way. Users can also navigate themselves to their destinations. With turn-by-turn navigation, traveling will feel so correct and simple.

Health sensor
Actually, this is one of the main reasons why Apple marketed the Apple Watch bands. Users can know their health and exercise status from the ECG feature, which can be activated by doing some knocks. ECG or electrocardiogram is a feature that shows a graph that records our heart status.

Music and camera
While doing exercise, music will always be close to us. They can make our boredom gone. Apple smartwatch has a remote feature for music and camera. They can easily change the songs or increase the volume without pulling out your iPhone. You can also show preview results of the photo we took or setting a timer to take a picture. Not just that, Apple smartwatch can also control Apple TV devices and iTunes on PC.

If you know an AI, Jarvis from Iron Man, then Siri is just like that. Sadly, not as advanced as Jarvis. Just like Alexa and Google Assistance, Siri also helps us during our activities. To ask Siri’s help, you can just say it through your voice by saying something near the Apple Watch bands. Siri will answer you, and she can also help you schedule your activities.

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