Top 5 Best Android TV Boxes

Android TV Box can be the next smart product based on Android operating system which people will add to their must have list. There are various offers of this product which can be found in the market but of course people have different considerations for buying the unit. It must be great if people can buy the unit which comes with sophisticated feature but we can make sure that it means a lot of money which must be spent. Some people have limited budget but they still want to bring it to their home. It is not impossible for buying the cheap one but there are some things which people must understand in this circumstance.

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Things to Giving Up

Buying the unit with cheap price is possible because nowadays people can find various products which are offered with more affordable price. It sounds like a great solution for people with limited budget but they need to understand that buying the cheap one will mean that they might give up on some aspects of the unit. If people choose buying the TV box based on Android with cheap price, it means that you will not get unit with performance components. It is unavoidable because the manufacturers need to reduce the cost. People should be ready with the TV box which does not have high performance after all.

The next thing which might not be found from the cheap TV box is the regular updates for the firmware. People can find the improvement if the streaming device because the manufacturers provide update from the firmware. Unfortunately, this is something which will not be found often with cheap TV box unit. It means that the unit will look great when it is still new but it will get outdated in short period of time without any firmware update.

The manufacturers of cheap TV box will not offer the OTA upgrade as well. In this circumstance, users should use the manual method for updating the device. The manual method for updating will be pretty complicated and this can be the reason why many people just forget about the update completely.

The problem which can be found from cheap TV box product is that it is also lack of support from the forum. People usually go to find answer with their device problem in the forum of the manufacturers. It is pretty difficult to find the support network from community for the streaming device which cheap price after all. People even will find it hard to find great after sale support because the manufacturers do not want to spend money for customer service.

Things to Ensure

If people are ready with the cheap TV box, they still have to be picky about the right TV box for them although it comes with cheap price. It is necessary for people choose the TV box which is running on at least Android 6 or 7. There is no reason for people to buy the TV box with lower operating system version because there will be much better option in the future with cheaper price. There is no need for them to get the generic TV boxes just for the cheap one. At least, the company must be able to put the brand on the product. People are looking for the cheap option of TV box so they really need to find the place which can offer them with the real cheap price and they will not find it from some popular ecommerce website after all. People should forget about a few brands of TV box. Still, people can make sure that they can have fun with cheap android tv box.

Top 5 Best Android TV Box in Virginia