Top 10 Best Drawing Tablets

The Tips to Choose Drawing Tablets for Your Needs

The drawing tablets or pen tablets are one of the tools or devices that are indispensable in the Creative Industry, especially Graphic Design, Architecture, 3D modeling, and Others. This time I will help you a little in deciding which tablet is most suitable for you.

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Tips on choosing drawing tablets

Brand and Quality
Sometimes the brand is indeed the most important reference for someone in making choices. Moreover, if someone has previously used various types of products from certain brands. However, besides your brand, it is also important to consider the quality side. Considering each product, whether it’s from the same brand or not tends to have a different quality.

Size and Specifications
Apart from quality considerations, sometimes your specifications and sizes also need to be balanced. Where a professional designer will, of course, need different specifications from you who only use it to support presentation activities.

Another thing to remember is when buying a pen tablet, try to adjust it to the position of the arm when drawing. This is so that you feel comfortable when drawing and reduce stress on your hands and mind. For arms that rest on the elbows, use size L, while those on the wrist use size M or S.

Needs and Budget
A person’s need for a pen tablet is definitely different. So when you buy a pen tablet you should match your needs in everyday life. Also, see also the budget you have.

Consider buying a pen tablet in terms of its function. Think about what features you want from a pen tablet. This will help you choose the right pen tablet for you. Although for example, the features you want are apparently not present from a famous branded tablet pen, you can still make it the top choice because it can meet your needs.

Accessories for a drawing tablet

When you like drawing by using a drawing tablet, it is good for you to have the following accessories.

This stylus looks like a pen that can be used for drawing. The stylus itself has different levels of sensitivity. For example, on tablets that are relatively inexpensive, a sensitivity level that is capable of being accepted is 256 pressure levels. For normal tablets capable of receiving 512 levels of pressure. Meanwhile for professional graphics tablets able to accept 1024 levels of pressure.

Unconsciously, drawing for a long time makes your hands sweat. As a result, you must clean your hands first, before you start drawing again. Sometimes, it makes your drawing activities not fun.
Well, why not try special gloves for graphic design? make sure you choose gloves that are very comfortable to use when drawing both manual and digital and are also suitable for the hands of users who often sweat.

Protective soft case
Just like a smartphone, a graphic tablet also needs a soft case that can be used as a place to store or protect a graphics tablet to make it safer. This soft case itself also makes your tablet easy to carry everywhere, also protected from dirt or scratches.

Stylus eraser
Got a scratch on the wrong image and want to delete it? Stylus eraser, the solution. So, if there is a part of the image that you want to repair, the stylus eraser can help graphics tablet users. Those are the tips to get drawing tablets and the best product of it.

Top 10 Best Drawing Tablets