Top 10 Best Trunk Mount Bike Racks

4 Tips to Choose Trunk Mount Bike Racks

Biking out of town with family and friends must be really interesting. It is a good chance to do this cardio sport along with enjoying the scenery around. But since the distance may be too far too, you need to ride a car first. So, where will be the bike placed when you are driving a car? Well, you can carry the car first and then bring it to the biking area. The support this, you may use a trunk mount bike rack. What are the tips to choose and buy it? Check them out.

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Fit It with the Type of the Car

So, what is the type of car you have? For SUV-type cars, the rear mount bike racks are more suitable. This way, the rack is installed on the rear of the car. There are 2 types of this rack known as the fold and swing. Meanwhile, for the lower type of car, the top mount bike racks are better. Many people also think that it is enough to only put the bike when they have a pick up car. Sure, it is not enough. You should also install the truck bed rack to avoid it bumped or fallen toward the shakes.

Choose the Qualified Rack

The next tip to choose trunk mount bike racks is about the product’s quality. Sure, the higher the quality of the rack, the price must be more expensive. But it is actually a smart way to save your money. A qualified rack tends to be stronger and more durable. Moreover, it must also be able to hold the bike well.

A Longer Distance between the Bike and Glass

Choose also a kind of rack that brings more distance between the bike and glass. When they are bumped into each other during the trip, both can just be damaged. For example, the glass can be scratched and even broken. Interestingly, many brands seem to have considered this matter. The rack has a good size to make sure both things are not touching.

Uninstall the Bike’s Accessories First

To save more space, you should uninstall some bike’s accessories. They are including the speedometer, lamps, drink bottle, and more. If your car’s size is small enough, it is even recommended to uninstall the wheels. Of course, it depends on your car’s type whether it is portable or not. So, are you interested to buy trunk mount bike racks?

Top 10 Best Trunk Mount Bike Racks