Top 10 Best 3D Printing Pens

5 Important Thing in Using 3D Printing Pens That You Should Know!

It is undeniable that 3D printing technology has become more widespread and growing all the time. After discovering 3D printing technology using common printing machines on the market, this time there is a 3D “printing machine” creation that is unique. How come? You can draw and print directly using a 3D printing pens.

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This 3D pen is shaped like a pen in general. The difference is that the user must insert the plastic filament material into this pen before being able to directly draw the desired design. This pen will melt the plastic material which then becomes “ink” from the 3D pen. This ink will cool down automatically when the pen starts to be used, allowing users to directly “draw” literally on empty air while simultaneously printing the results of their work without the need for additional software.

For those of you who are interested in using 3D printing pens, you need to know some basic rules of use. At least, you need to understand the 5 basic rules of using 3D Pen. For those of you who are interested in using 3D Pen, you need to know some basic rules of use. At least, you need to understand the 5 basic rules of using 3D Pen.

Power Indicator

The power indicator is used to show the electric power and the burning of the filament panel. One thing you need to remember is that you should use a 3D printing pens after the heating indicator on the power indicator stops flickering. The blinking heating indicator shows that the 3D pen is charging and heating the filament panel. If you use it in the flickering heating indicator, the printed filament will not be perfect.

Install Filament

insert the filament (the basic ingredient of 3D Printing) from the filament hole slowly, and press the load filament button. Do not force in. This is done to get good and precise filament results.

Set the Filament Temperature

Perform filament temperature settings with a screwdriver on the temperature controller. The trick, you can just turn clockwise to increase the temperature and rotate counter-clockwise to reduce the temperature.

Test Filament

Test the filament after entering the 3D printing pens body by adjusting the speed controller. Pull back to increase speed, and push forward to reduce speed. If the filament comes out smoothly, then you can immediately start 3D Printing. If the results are not smooth, then you need to repeat the filament installation.

Draw the Basic Field First

Each 3-dimensional structure must have a strong two-dimensional foundation. Don’t do 3d printing without giving a basic 2-dimensional shape below. Drawing 3 dimensions floating in the air will easily damage the filament that comes out of the nozzle pen.

I hope this article can make it easier for you to use 3D printing pens. Goodluck!

Top 10 Best 3D Printing Pens

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