Top 4 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks

Three Benefits of Choosing Full Face Snorkel Masks

A full face snorkel masks are new things that I found in Bali. I was going to casually snorkel in Bali beach when I first seeing it. Snorkel is an important tool to breathe while snorkeling. The snorkel allows you to breathe underwater without lifting face. With snorkel, I could dive longer and deeper into the sea. There are various kinds of snorkels on the market. The standard snorkel is a tube bent into the letter J. the end of the snorkel is attached to a mouthpiece that allows the diver to breathe through mouth.

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A full-face snorkel mask is a new model of snorkel device. I could dive more relax and comfortable with it. It allows me to explore the underwater with ease. It features some benefits that are not available on the standard snorkel.

1. Natural breathing

When using a standard snorkel mask, you might find difficulty in breathing air. When using a standard snorkel, you inhale and exhale through the mouthpiece. This activity needs practice and uncomfortable. It’s draining your stamina fast. While full face snorkel mask allows you to breathe naturally either using your nose or your mouth. It’s more practical and will ease your snorkeling activity. As it will ease your breathe, you will become more relaxed. In the end, you could dive longer.

2. Better visibility

Standard snorkel mask features googles that have smaller visibility. While full face snorkel masks offer better visibility all around your face. The curved lens extends the view angle of your eye. It will give a thorough view of your surroundings. The frame also seals behind the vision line. You won’t get distracted by the frame of the goggles. It will make you feel like you don’t wear goggles.

3. Tighter water barrier

When you use google underwater, you might experience the water seeping into the google. It won’t happen when you are wearing a full face snorkel mask. Full face snorkel has a better water sealing that surrounds the overall face. Full face snorkel also won’t let the water permeates when you move your face for smiling or opening the mouth.

Although it has many benefits, I have to be careful. Either a full face snorkel or standard snorkel, the breath tempo still had to be well maintained. I also have to make sure that I push the air out hard enough. The carbon dioxide could build up in the snorkel and causes some harm. If you breathe air that full of carbon dioxide, you might experience headache, dizziness, and even unconsciousness. So, I will still be careful when using the full face snorkel masks in Bali.

Top 4 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks