Top 10 Best Eyelash Lift Kits

Everything that You Need to Know about Lash Lift Kit

Having long and curled eyelashes is one of the dreams that every woman wants. It is a symbol of beauty. This kind of eyelashes also can make your eyes looks more beautiful. Your eyelashes also give your eyes a stronger accent that makes them more noticeable and attractive to other people. However, you have to face a problem when you want to get this kind of eyelashes. You can only do it at the beauty center. But, you don’t have to worry. Now, you can get lash lift kit that can help you to get the long and curled up eyelashes at home.

Top 3 Lash Lift Kits

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What is Lash Lift Kit?
Lash Lift Kit is a special tool that you can use at home to get long and curly eyelashes or it is well-known as the eyelash perm. The result of using this tool can last for a quite long time. After you apply it to your eyelashes, it can last for around 2-3 months.

It is different than using fake eyelashes. It optimizes your natural eyelashes and reshapes them into the curly shape that you want. In the end, after you use it, you will get the beautiful eyelashes appearance that you want.

How Does Lash Lift Kit Work?
It works the same with the eyelashes perm service you can get from the beauty salon. First of all, you apply a special adhesive to your eyelashes. Then, use the foam roller or silicone pads that you also can find from the Lash Lift Kit package to hold your eyelashes in the curled shape.

After you do all the processes above, you only have to apply the solution or cream for applying the perm shape on your eyelashes. Then, you just have to wait for it for several minutes as instructed on the kit package. Once you have finished all those steps, you will get the curled eyelashes that you want.

What You Will Get in A Lash Lift Kit Package?
Depending on the brand, you will get various types of items in a package of Lash Lift Kit. However, most of those products always have these items:

– Lash tool
You can find many types of tools in the Lash Lift Kit product. However, there are two tools that you will find in all those products. They are the lash lift shield to protect your eye when you use the kit. One more thing is the lash lift rods. You use it to lift and curl your eyelashes.

– Curl solution
It is a solution that keeps the curled shape of your eyelashes. It has a similar chemical composition as the hair perms solution. So, when you apply it, your eyelashes will keep their curled form, even after you remove the shield. This item is the most important item that you must find in a Lash Lift Kit.

– Setting solution
You will need it to keep the curling process in control. It is necessary to prevent the overdoing curling process that can harm your eyelashes’ natural health.

– Moisturizing oil
As its name implied, this oil will moisturize your eyelashes. It keeps your eyelashes healthy and you also feel comfortable after you use it. Moreover, many products also add another item that goes well with moisturizing oil. It is the nourishing lotion that works similarly to moisturizing oil and complements each other.

– Lash mold
It is difficult to create a perfect curly shape on a small area like your eyelashes, manually. Therefore, the manufacturer of Lash Lift Kit also adds the lash mold to help you get the best-curled shape. Most of the products have lash mold in two sizes. Therefore, you have the freedom to shape your eyelashes like what you want.

– Lash lift glue
The glue is not similar to the glue you use for a paper or other things. It uses safe ingredients for your body, so it won’t harm you. As for its function, the lash lift glue will secure the eyelashes on the mold or shield. Therefore, it will get a shape similar to the mold that you use.

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How to Choose the Best Lash Lift Kit

At this point, we believe that you have understood what Lash Lift Kit is. For that reason, we have several tips that you can use to choose the best Lash Lift Kit product in the store.

– The content
First of all, take a look at what kind of items you can get from the kit. The best here doesn’t mean you have to choose the product that has all items. If you are a beginner, chance that you don’t have the knowledge or skill to use them all. So, choose the product that has the items that you need and knows how to use it. Once you learn to use them, you can buy the more advanced product that has all kinds of tools.

– Durability
Find out everything about how long the result can last. Choose the longest one for convenience. It means you don’t have to spend hours frequently to get the best shape of your eyelashes that you want. At least, the result must last around six weeks. That is the minimum limit of the product for you.

– Easy to use
Maybe, it is difficult to find which product that you think is easy to use. However, you can always use the review on the internet or video tutorial as a reference. You will know how complicated that product usage is from those sources. And, if you can find the downloadable instruction manual for the product, that is a good source as well.

Eyelashes perm or making your eyelashes curly now is not difficult to do. You also don’t have to go to the beauty salon to get the treatment. Everything is doable with lash lift kit. Now, you just need to get the product that you like, and start the treatment yourself. Save more money and get the most beautiful eyelashes shape.

Top 10 Best Eyelash Lift Kits

What exactly is an eyelash lift? Here’s to know
When do you think about how to lift your eyelash this year? Then this article will introduce you with the last lift as the semi-permanent treatment aimed to curl your eyelashes upward, therefore you can leave your eyelash curler – no wonder if you also think about Professional Eyelash Lift Kits. The process is actually painless and pretty fast make this treatment gain its popularity. There are many people have tried this treatment and love the result.

Keep in mind that lash lift does not look like the lash extensions which involving the fake adhering inserts to your lash line and make the fullness appearance – it’s all about to enhance or lif up what someone had. They are basically like a perm for your beautiful lashes.

What is eyelash lifting?
It looks like let your eyelashes in the curled and lifted situation. It does not like hard formulas which have been used to curl the hair on our heads, this treatment is more delicate. It is not the same thing as the previous lash perm.

How does it work?
Before you start the real process, then the professionals will clean up the eyes and lashes area – they should be free from any oil and makeup. The technician then starts to use the silicon mold or shield to protect your eyelid using a safe glue. By using the silicone shield in your eyelid, then your technician will curl your lashes by using the glue or adhered materials in the surface of the shield. Once the lashes adhered to the silicone shield, then it will reveal the final result. Keep in mind that this service can be done for the upper lashes only. After each lash was applied on the shield, then you need to get a nice curl on them and you will be applied with the perm solution. To get the curl as your desired, then there are various mold sizes and shapes. It is better to apply this solution only in the middle and base of the lashes to prevent any damage to lash tips. Once the solution was removed, the oil solution will be applied in your lashes. After it, you need to avoid getting wet on your new lashes.

How long it can last?
Usually, the lash lift can last at least six to eight weeks – or in the same amount with the eyelashes growing cycle. Also, Professional Eyelash Lift Kits can be found below.

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