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Reusable Notebook, Things You Have to Know

Do you like using a notebook? We usually use it to write many things. Or, you also can use it to sketch and scribble about things you want to do or make. In short, a notebook has so many usages. And, today, you can find one of the best notebook types that you won’t believe exists. It is called reusable notebook.

What is a Reusable Notebook?
It is like its name implied. The reusable notebook is a type of notebook that you can use over and over. Generally, when we write something on notebook paper, especially with a pen, we can’t or are too lazy to erase them when it is already full. You will open the next page and write it on it until all the paper in the notebook is full of your writing, scribbles, drawing, or anything that you wrote down on it. For that reason, the old type of notebook can’t be called a reusable notebook.

The reusable notebook has a unique feature that makes all the notes, drawings, scribbles, and other things you wrote on its page, are erasable. Therefore, this notebook is also well known as the erasable book. So, how does it work that makes everything you wrote on it erasable?

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How Does Reusable Notebook Work?

Even though the reusable notebook is a modern product, we already have it in many forms, in the past. Do you remember, when you were a kid, you write something on a small whiteboard you can carry around? Then, you can erase what you wrote or drawn on it with a whiteboard eraser. A reusable notebook uses the same concept as that whiteboard. The thing that makes it a notebook is it uses a cover that looks like a notebook cover.

As for the inside, most of the reusable notebook products use a touch screen display. In short, it is something like a tablet PC, but it has a cover that makes it look like a notebook. However, we can’t compare its features with the tablet PC.

A reusable notebook has simple features that only allow you to draw or write something on it like a notebook. It can save or transfer your writing into a digital form. Then, you can extract that digital form from your computer for further editing. But, that’s all that this device has.

Because it uses similar technology to the tablet PC, you also have more freedom to edit your writing or drawing. You can add color, make an accurate object with its measurement feature, and erase them all if you want it.

Similar to the tablet PC, the reusable notebook also uses a battery. You also have to recharge frequently, if you want to use it continuously. It also has specifications similar to tablet PCs, where you can find the CPU unit, RAM, storage, and other components.

However, you also can find the reusable notebook that uses real paper, not a digital display. It is one of the best inventions you can find today, that allow you to get the feeling of writing on paper. Then, your writing or drawing on its page will be converted into data. Then, you can see it from your mobile device by using the app from a similar reusable notebook brand.

More importantly, you can erase the drawing or text that you wrote on it by using a unique method. One of them is using heat, which will remove the ink completely. The paper on the reusable notebook uses particular material that allows it to return to its original condition after being exposed to the heat.

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The Benefits of Reusable Notebook

• Save the environment
The reusability feature allows you to save more paper. If you use the traditional paper notebook, you will need to buy a new notebook whenever the first one that you used has run out of its pages. You will use more papers. And, we all know that paper is made of wood, which came from the tree in the forest.

Therefore, if you use a reusable notebook, you can save the paper usage. That means you also can lower the volume of deforestation. And, guess what!? It means you also can save our beloved Earth from the dangerous effect of global warming. Less paper means more trees can grow. More trees will produce more oxygen which is good for all living creatures. Trees also absorb pollutants that make our Earth become a better place to live in.

• Improve your productivity
Using a touch screen with a stylus may look more practical. But, you have to admit that writing or drawing on paper gives you more control and the result is much more natural and unique than a touch screen. Therefore, using a reusable notebook that has a paper page, allows you to improve your productivity. You can easily visualize your ideas on paper. More importantly, you can export that scribble into digital form, which gives you more options to adjust, edit, and modify it. If you are a designer or an artist, this device will be an amazing asset you can have that supports your work.

• It is cheaper
The reusable notebook is much cheaper than buying a smart book or even a laptop. You can save more than half the budget that you prepare to buy a smart book or laptop. However, the cheap price comes with more limitations. In short, you can only use it to write or draw something.

The reusable notebook is indeed one of the best gadgets you can find today. It combines the traditional design with modern technology that gave birth to a perfect tool that helps in your daily routine. It is a perfect device for a designer, artist, office worker, student, and other professions that require something to write or draw for later usage or editing. Therefore, if you have enough budgets to purchase it, do not hesitate. We believe reusable notebook will become your best partner in your work or school.

Top 10 Best Reusable Notebooks

Finally! We Can Use Reusable Wirebound Notebooks
Who can’t be happier to use reusable wirebound notebooks? It is like a surprising present for some of us who like and need notebooks to keep maintaining loads of tasks in everyday life. By the way, notebooks are not only for those who are working only, literally work in the office. It can be said that nowadays, which now more online jobs can be done at home, people can use more notebooks to help them overcome the needs for not forgetting any single task to do at home.

Kinds of notebooks
As we know that there are some kinds of notebooks, such as:
Spiral. It uses wire bound and most common because it is cheap and easy to tear / remove.
Composition. It is a heavy and lots pages sewn and bound like an ordinary book.
Lab (scientific). It is filled with graph paper and usually it comes with soft – cover notebooks.
Business. This uses different functions in one notebook: for note taking and for schedule managing.
High – end. It can be distinguished by the look that stands out more luxurious than other notebooks.
Novelty (specialty). It usually contains waterproof pages which it was originally created and designed for the use in the military.

Benefits having notebooks
Every person realizes that only memorizing things will meet nowhere. It implies that you can’t memorize all for long term memory. It is absolutely different for each person. However, as you grow older, you will get more things to be done, either for personal matter or related to works. So, writing is the best solution.

Some of you might get used to write down every single thing to do on the paper on the wall or fridge. Some of you might end up by keeping all things written down in the online application or your smartphone. Nothing is wrong if the goals are the same – to make easier for you to remember what you have to do.

Brain Healthiness
By all meant said above, however, when it comes to a question, which one is better. Nothing is better than writing down all you have thought on the paper. When you write, the works double up. Firstly, you are thinking what you need to write. It can be something you need to do daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Secondly, you can write something urgent that comes in sudden and need to be done in particular time. For example, your groceries at home are running out, you have to buy something important tomorrow morning.

Another more important thing is such as your working tasks and schedules that may get you busy enough. Even it is just for hours deadline, you might face the most hectic days which you even cannot think more. And the lastly, you can write about some memorable notes or numbers such as your beloved ones’ birthdays, graduations, party, etc.

Reusable wirebound notebooks are such a genius discovery these days. It helps you to keep re-using your notebooks again and again. Most of it contains around 30 reusable pages and it offers a privilege to wipe or clear the contents you wrote with simply using a damp cloth. But it depends on different offers from different brands. You will have less worried while writing on these reusable pages as you can erase immediately. And most of the time, you will be excited to write more because the reusable notebooks allow you to use any pens, highlighters and markers. And by this means you can now say bye bye to wasting paper which means you are one of those people who save the earth thanks to the reusable wirebound notebooks.

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