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Top 10 Best Baby Strollers

Tips: How to Choose the Safe Baby Strollers

Baby Strollers are the most important things for a baby to grow. Baby Strollers have many functions such as for a baby place to sleep then go to the mall or as a baby place when the family traveling to a new place. There are so many types and colors of Baby Strollers. You can buy the Baby Strollers at an online shop or the official shop in your place. Buy the Baby Strollers as a gift to the newborn baby is a good idea. Baby Strollers has many kinds of weight, from 8 kg to 15 kg! The weight of the Baby Strollers is a serious problem because the weight of every mom is different so between mother and the Baby Strollers must match so the mother will be safe and comfortable when using the Baby Strollers. Here are the tips on how to choose the safe Baby Strollers!

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Easy to Fold

Buying the Baby Strollers that easy to fold will make your life easier. It will save the space in your home when the baby stops using the Baby Strollers. When taking the baby for traveling, it is much easier when you have the easy-to-fold Baby Strollers because your hotel room will not too crowded because of the Baby Strollers. Buy the ‘just-one-click’ fold push button and holla! Your Baby Strollers will automatically fold!

Can be Use until Toddler

Of course every old of the baby they need a different kind of Baby Strollers. You will save your money if you buy a Baby Strollers that can fit your baby until they become a toddler. Nowadays, so many Baby Strollers can be fit based on the baby’s age. Maybe, it will cost more expensive than the usual Baby Strollers, but you will save much money because you just buy one Baby Strollers until they are a toddler.

One Baby Strollers for Twin Babies

Having twin babies is always fun. You must buy anything in a pair because you have two babies in the same way. As a twin baby’s parents, buying two baby strollers will make you a little overwhelmed. Thanks to the technologies because the twin strollers are sold nowadays. Baby Strollers that have two places and four wheels will make your new parent’s life easier. Because just with one hand, you can take the stroller anywhere. So do not need 2 people to carry 2 strollers, with just one person, you can carry your two babies!

Top 10 Best Baby Strollers

Top 10 Best Baby Carriers

Types of Baby Carriers

It is no fact that babies like to be carried by their mom or dad. When the babies cry, their parents always comfort them by carrying them. In no time, they will stop crying. Sometimes, this thing can make us very tired. There’s a lot of kinds of carriers you can consider buying. I’m sure babies also love to see the scenery from a high place. In this article, we will discuss the types of baby carriers.

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Ring sling

This kind of carrier has two rings made of steel or plastic. It is attached to one of the carrier cloth edges. This ring functions as a knot to tie the carrier cloth. This carrier is suitable for babies who just born up to 18 kilograms.

This carrier is practical and easy to use. There is also a model with padding for the shoulder too. You can also adjust the carrier cloth longer or shorter based on your comfort.

Baby wrap

This carrier is suitable for babies under one year old, or the weight is not too heavy. The material is elastic and flexible, which makes us do many kinds of way how we can carry. However, this carrier is pretty complex to attach and detach, so we need to learn how to attach and detach it first.

Soft structured carrier

Babies can face the front or to us with this kind of carrier. This model is suitable for babies with 4, 5 kilograms weight up to 11 kilograms. We can use this when babies’ necks are strong enough, which is around 5-6 months old.

This baby carrier has two straps, which can hold any weight and feel lighter. Our arms also feel free than any other kinds of baby carriers and very suitable for traveling. However, this carrier is pretty hard to clean if it’s dirty and pretty expensive.

Pouch sling

This carrier is like a cloth bag and simple looking because it’s just a piece of cloth that sewed on edge to another edge. There’s a lot of sizes that can be suitable for our body posture.

Some of this model can be adjusted if other family members want to carry the baby. This carrier is very small and more portable than many other kinds of baby carriers, and it’s easy to detach. However, while some can be adjusted, there also some of this model that can’t be adjusted.

Top 10 Best Baby Carriers