Top 10 Best Rangefinders

What are Rangefinders?

Rangefinders cameras are familiar to photography enthusiasts. This camera is usually used by street photographers because of its compact form. In addition, the reason for focusing the camera makes this camera chosen for photography activities. Usually people are more familiar with DSLR cameras where the camera is widely used by people to take pictures. Unlike DSLRs, the Ringefinder camera does not use a mirror as a focusing method, but this camera combines two focuses, namely focusing and viewfinder so that shooting with a Rangefinders camera will be easier to determine the focus distance by uniting two images.

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Advantages of Rangefinders camera

The Rangefinders camera both classic and electronic use the focusing method with a surveillance mechanism. Some people choose this camera for several reasons.

The first reason, Rangefinders give a quicker focus of the image because of the principle of picture integration. In DSLR cameras use a mirror that is useful for reflecting light. Usually a mirror on a camera normally moves when the process of shooting, so it will produce an unclear picture or blur. The Rangefinder camera uses a lens with the back that is made close to the sensor and equipped with a small lens without distortion so that the resulting picture is clear.

The second reason, Rangefinders have a small, compact and lightweight form. Of course this will make it easier when carrying a camera. The compact shape of a Rangefinders can be easily inserted into a bag or even a waist bag. Its lightweight size will not be too burdensome when carried along with other objects in the bag. The model of the rangefinders camera also varies with many choices.

Finally the Rangefinders camera can be used to take pictures easily in various light conditions and it is equipped with a brighter viewfinder. With a fairly short shutter pause can make it easy to take pictures quickly without having to wait a pause first. This will certainly be useful in taking high-speed pictures.

Disadvantages of Rangefinders camera

The Rangefinders camera is suitable for normal and wide angle shooting. The reason is the Ringefinders camera is only able to focus on the closest distance of 2 or 3ft. Macro or close-up shooting will be challenging and difficult to do.

The ability to focus on just one picture, so that effort is needed to get the other objects while shooting.

The price of a rangefinder camera is expensive with little availability of accessories.

Top 3 Best Rangefinders