Top 10 Best Folding Bikes

Folding Bikes: How and Which to Choose

Folding bike is just a problem solver. It can do what a regular bicycle can and cannot do. It can save storage space in your house, so portable that you can put it on the bus or train even in your car or plane. They don’t need big bike bags that will take your extra energy and expenses. If you literally integrating your lifestyle with a bicycle, but have been overwhelmed by the hassles of a big-sized bike, then you must be thinking about having a folding bike instead.

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Which type to choose

The folding bike falls into two main categories, small-wheeled, and normal-wheeled folding bike. Small-wheeled with the size of the wheels are 16 or 20 inches and the normal-wheeled folding bike has the size of 26 inches.

Small-wheeled folding bike

The bike is designed for city dwellers and commuters and their need for small space. This type is what considered to be classic in the world of the folding bike. Comes with the size of the wheel are 16 and 20 inches, it also equipped with the accessories of city bikes like bells, chain guards, mudguards, racks, etc.

The ability to be folded in ultra-compact size becomes the strength with the weakness is it not good for long-distance. That is why this type will be perfect to be ridden in the city with the need for use of public transport. You can easily put it everywhere from under the sofa, train seat or even under your desk at work.

Normal-wheeled folding bike

Though the word folding bike normally associated with city bikes with small wheels, some manufacturers have applied the folding concept in too many types of bicycles. From mountain bikes to road bikes are having the ability to be folded, making them a powerful as well as easy to carry everywhere.

How to choose

These are some considerations to take before you get your new folding bike.

  1. Check the dimensions of the bike after it is folded, make sure it will fit the intended space.
  2. Check how fast and easy for it to be folded, do you need extra tools?
  3. Check if there is a tying mechanism or a clamp to make the bike stay when it is folded otherwise, you are going to need an extra bag for the folding bike.
  4. Check if the bike is light and comfortable enough to carry.
  5. Check if the bike is comfortable and secure enough for you to ride.

Top 10 Best Folding Bikes