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Tricks To Prepare Portable Air Conditioners Maximally for the Hottest Days

Portable air conditioners are popular due to their flexibility and simplicity yet users get the result they want. You may have a plan to use a portable air conditioner to keep your house cool and comfortable. Check the information below if it is your first time buying this product.

How Effective the Portable Air Conditioner Unit for You
So, is using a portable AC effective for you? It depends on several things. Let’s say you have to check the weather first. The hotter the area, the more hot air the AC has to remove. Try to turn a thermostat on the hottest days. The thermostat helps you to mitigate the energy the AC uses to stabilize the temperature. For a maximum result, you can use curtains to block out bright sunshine that makes your portable AC work hard to reduce the temperature.

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You also have to consider the room size. One thing for sure, a portable AC can’t provide cooling for the entire house. You even don’t get the result you want if you force yourself to do it. The best way to handle this problem is by looking at the BTU rating. This rating measures the unit’s cooling power. For example, an AC with 8.000 BTU can cool the temperature in a 200 square feet room. The higher the size of the room, the higher the Air Conditioner rating. Let say a portable air conditioner with 14.000 BTU works well for a 600 sq. ft living room. Measure the effect of a portable Air Conditioner by checking the electricity cost. The electricity cost is more expensive in the summer months. Make the AC more effective by operating it at night.

The Way to Use Portable Air Conditioner Maximally
Some people choose to use several portable air conditioners, although it is not necessary. So, how to use Air Conditioners maximally?

Put An AC in the Cooling Spot
A portable AC works maximally when you put it in a specific room with a bad air circulation system. This room is hotter compared to rooms with a good air circulation system. Put an AC in this room if you can’t do anything with the air circulation system. You will feel the effect of the AC more. It works well in small rooms that you can close off.

Put An AC in Your Bedroom
Putting a portable AC in a bedroom is also effective enough to help you sleep tight at night. You can set the AC for a portion of the day to reduce the temperature. Then, you will have a comfortable temperature at night. Turn on the AC only if you feel hot even at night. This trick will reduce the cost and problems with the AC. It means that you don’t force the device to work more than its specifications.

Use An AC in a Humid Climate
You may live in an area with a high humid climate. A portable AC works well to dehumidify your rooms. This device will make the rooms more comfortable even during the days.

The Way A Portable AC Works
You must know the way a portable AC works to use it maximally. This device absorbs heat from rooms with the help of a chemical refrigerant. This feature flows through a series of coiled tubes to absorb the heat. A portable AC also has an exhaust hose. The function of this feature is to release the heat outside. The feature is a little bit different compared to a window AC. A window AC uses a specific unit that you need to hang outside the window to release the heat.

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Portable AC Buying Guide
A variety of portable Air Conditioners on the market makes you get confused sometimes. You don’t know which one of the best AC to buy. Check the buying guide below to get the right AC.

Check the BTU or British Thermal Units per hour to know the right AC to use. The larger the room, the higher BTU ratings you need. For example, an 8.000 BTU portable AC can cover up to a 200 sq. ft or 1.600 cubic feet room. A 10.000 BTU portable AC is suitable for those who have around a 300 sq. ft or 2.400 cubic feet room. You can take an AC with a 14.000 BTU. It is a maximal rating for an AC and this device can cool up to a 500 sq. ft or 4.000 cubic feet of room.

The Place to Put the AC
Make sure that you know the place to put the hose of the AC. It is an important thing to consider because the hose will exhaust the hot air. The best place to put a portable AC is a few feet from a window. Determining the right place helps you to know the right size of the room. Then, you can start to choose the right portable AC based on the size.

The Sound of the AC
A portable AC produces a noisy sound when it works to cool a room. The sound of a portable AC may louder than a window AC because it only consists of one device. You have to put the device inside the room except for the hose. Ask the seller about the quietest AC model they have. At least, a quiet portable AC is still producing up to 45 dB noise.

The Energy Efficiency Ratio
The Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is important to know the energy a portable AC uses. This ratio explains how many BTUs an AC uses for each watt of power. The higher the EER, the more efficient the portable AC.

The information above helps you to prepare a portable Air Conditioner maximally at home. As a result, you don’t have to complain because your electricity bill increases significantly after you have an AC. You can use the device to make your house comfortable during the hottest temperature effectively. It helps you to put portable air conditioners only in the right places at home. At the same time, these tricks can also keep the performance of the AC, so you can use them for longer.

Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners

Buying Best Portable Air Conditioners
Portable air conditioners is not as popular as the permanent air conditioners which can be found in various buildings. However, there are actually some great reasons for people owning the portable AC unit. It will be smart choice for people who do not have traditional AC unit in their home. At the same time, they actually can save money and also energy use by using portable unit instead of the traditional one. Because it is not common choice yet to have portable AC unit, people might find difficulty for choosing the best one. There are some factors to consider if they want to buy the portable unit after all.

First of all, people really need to make sure that they involve the cost before they buy any portable AC unit. The portable AC unit is offered for home use and commercial use. Because of the different purposes, it is sure that the price range will be different as well. Nevertheless, there are some elements which can cause price difference of portable AC unit product. The main element cannot be separated from the performance of the portable AC unit. People also have to spend more money if the portable AC unit can also play as dehumidifier and heater.

People can have different reasons for buying portable AC unit. Some people just want to use the unit in a room only and they just look for the way for saving money and energy use by using the portable unit. However, there are some other people who think that they really want to be able for moving the unit from one to another room. In this circumstance, they really need to consider about the size of the unit when buying it. It will be hard for moving the unit if it comes with large size. It is better to measure the space as well before buying the unit for ensuring that it can fit in the spot for long term.

Size of the Room
People maybe will not think hard about the size of the room when they want to buy traditional air conditioner unit. However, we can make sure that room size is very important consideration for buying the portable air conditioner unit. Most portable AC unit is not designed for cooling the entire apartment or house. It will be more useful for cooling certain room. That is why it is better for people to know the performance of the portable AC unit based on the room size for making sure that it is able to keep the room cool. Bigger BTU needed for room with larger size.

Use of Energy
The energy use of portable AC unit will depend on the way people use the portable unit for sure. People need to consider about the energy use of the portable unit because it can affect the energy bills. There is no need to worry because they can make proper consideration about the energy use of the portable unit from the Energy Star rate added to every product. If people want to save energy use with portable unit, they need to choose which comes with thermostat which can be programmed. Proper maintenance will be a great help for saving energy on portable AC unit.

Air conditioner works by venting out the hot air for keeping the room cool. In this circumstance, people have to pay attention about the ventilation of the portable AC unit. Most products come with window venting kit but they need to make sure that they place the unit close to the window. If they want to place it far from the window, they need to consider about the maximum width of the window kit for portable air conditioners.

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