Top 10 Best 4K Projectors

4K Projectors for Home Cinema

To build a home theater in your house, it is no fact that the projector is what we need and Why? Because this electronic device can give a better cinematic experience. The unique part is, there’s a lot of companies that work in the technology, starting to produce them more and develop them with many kinds of features and optional techs to give the consumers an experience of home theater with 4K projectors.

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Videos with 4K (4000 pixels) resolution now can be found anywhere on the internet. Most of the people feel that videos with 1080 pixels Full HD (High Definition) resolution are enough to give us clear graphic quality, but they don’t realize that UHD (Ultra High Definition) or 4K pixels can offer us more and better colors’ compositions than Full HD. For people who want to set a home theater with a projector, it is suggested that to choose 4K projectors.

When we talk about projectors with 4k resolution, commonly, there are two kinds of resolution specifications. Those are 3840 x 2160 pixels and 4096 x 2160 pixels. The more amount of pixels, the more detail and accurate the graphic shows. Not just resolution, DLP also necessary because it can produce quality graphics.

Not just resolution, technology companies also inserting the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature. The HDR feature in the 4k projectors is a perfect combination. HDR is a technology that has its own standard color range. They can significantly increase the ratio color level. Which will give the display colors look more natural.

Projectors with 4K resolutions are not just for movies but video games too. Some games with AAA type, whatever they are for consoles or PC, now offer Full HD up to UHD 4K resolution. One of the examples is PS4 Pro. Their specification upgraded and now can give us 4K resolution experiences.

Same as the movies, video games with 4K resolution also give us better visual color graphic. When the HDR is activated, the color accuracy, details, and brightness also enhanced significantly. Video games developers will make more games that support 4K resolution in the future.

For the price, 4K Projectors can be said that are more expensive if you compare it with the price for a TV with 32″ or 42″. But if you compare with a TV with the price that more than 55″ and has 4K resolution and HDR feature, that TV is more expensive than the projector.

Top 10 Best 4K Projectors