Top 10 Best Leak Proof Panties

Best Leak Proof Panties Protects You When Menstruation

Looking sexy at menstruation seems to be a dream. However, you can look so sexy. Leak proof panties will make you look sexy and protect the menstruation blood from leakage. It can be worn by any women when the menstruation. If you get interested in wearing it, you should know some things about it.

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What Are Leak Proof Panties?

Leak proof panties are a kind of panties which is made of high-quality materials to prevent leakage during menstruation. The panties are leakproof for 18 months. The panties have been made in some processes and stages. It has been studied and tested so that it is very safe and protected when you wear it. Before it was made, it needs to test some materials for leak proof. This is not once panties but you can wear it for times. It can keep the menstruation blood so that it stays clean and safe.

The Categories of Leak Proof Panties

Leakproof panties consist of some categories. You can read the categories and find the best one. These are some types of panties that can be bought.

Standard Leak Proof Panties

These panties have a standard size, 13 cm. It has two models making you comfortable. It is a high side model in which it has two higher feet holes and low side model is a kind of panties with low feet holes. Both are suitable for every woman.

Mini Leak Proof Panties

The next one is a mini size. The panties start from the edge to the panties line about 11 cm. This model is not covering all the butts and V part. As a result, when it is worn, it feels uncomfortable. If you select the wrong number, it can make you irritated.

Maxi Leak Proof Panties

The size of maxi leak-proof panties is medium about 18 cm. Sometimes, it covers all your stomach parts. This panties model is suitable for the women having a big butt.

Boys Brief

If you find other leak-proof panties, you can select boys, brief model. It is inspired by the male’s underwear with a wide band rubber. This model is very comfortable to support your belly. If you have a big belly, you can select it.

Seamless Leak Proof Panties

The last leak proof panties are called Seamless. The model looks like a maxi and midi panties. The difference is the edge part in which it has no sewing detail. It means that it looks like being cut. Seamless causes the panties line not looked when you wear thin pants or skirts.

Top 10 Best Leak Proof Panties