Top 10 Best Flat Mop and Buckets

Flat mop and buckets to clean house

Flat mop and buckets are a popular and usual type of mop with a flat head. It is generally one time or much time that cling to it. When you visit each home you will find a type of flat mop and buckets to mop for cleaning home two times a week or regular day.

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Flat mops are wonderful for cleaning because it is easy to use but you need the effort to set up. Flat mops work well at the corners of the home although you can face trouble to scrub the food participles. You can clean dirt and germs in your home. Even you sweep regularly, the best way to clean hard floors is to use a mop. It can help to clean the floor. Flat mops need a bucket to throw the dirty water. You do not need the big place to save it and the price is on budge or is not too expensive to buy again.

Ways to keep a flat mop clean

Flat mop and bucket is a package to clean house. However, you should know when to change and how to keep flat mop. If you see the existence of mildew, it is proof you have change your flat mop. Mopping with flu will spread and make a cling bacteria around your home.

There are ways to keep flat mop still clean. You should rinse and wash the mop after you use it when you finished mopping or cleaning your home, rinse the cleaning solution and dirt for the mop. you have to make sure that mop is clean. Generally, the residue of soap can damage the flat mop. you can use washable of the machine. If you see the instruction or direction on the mop, you should follow it. Soak the head of the mop for 20 minutes. Let it dry. To prevent the bacteria, you should make sure it is dry before place it. Then, head mop spread out in the sun to dry so that it will kill the bacteria. Do not forget to change the mod head every two or three months if it looks so dirty.

How to use flat mop and bucket

The bucket has a function to throw the water that clings in head mop so that after you use to clean floor to another floor. It is still effective to clean mildew. So that flat mop and bucket always use together. You need a detergent bucket to clean the floor by using the flat mop. Squeeze the water and continue to mop till the floor is clean. Do not forget to replace the water in the bucket with fresh water.

Top 10 Best Flat Mop and Buckets