Top 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners is not as popular as the permanent air conditioners which can be found in various buildings. However, there are actually some great reasons for people owning the portable AC unit. It will be smart choice for people who do not have traditional AC unit in their home. At the same time, they actually can save money and also energy use by using portable unit instead of the traditional one. Because it is not common choice yet to have portable AC unit, people might find difficulty for choosing the best one. There are some factors to consider if they want to buy the portable unit after all.

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First of all, people really need to make sure that they involve the cost before they buy any portable AC unit. The portable AC unit is offered for home use and commercial use. Because of the different purposes, it is sure that the price range will be different as well. Nevertheless, there are some elements which can cause price difference of portable AC unit product. The main element cannot be separated from the performance of the portable AC unit. People also have to spend more money if the portable AC unit can also play as dehumidifier and heater.


People can have different reasons for buying portable AC unit. Some people just want to use the unit in a room only and they just look for the way for saving money and energy use by using the portable unit. However, there are some other people who think that they really want to be able for moving the unit from one to another room. In this circumstance, they really need to consider about the size of the unit when buying it. It will be hard for moving the unit if it comes with large size. It is better to measure the space as well before buying the unit for ensuring that it can fit in the spot for long term.

Size of the Room

People maybe will not think hard about the size of the room when they want to buy traditional air conditioner unit. However, we can make sure that room size is very important consideration for buying the portable air conditioner unit. Most portable AC unit is not designed for cooling the entire apartment or house. It will be more useful for cooling certain room. That is why it is better for people to know the performance of the portable AC unit based on the room size for making sure that it is able to keep the room cool. Bigger BTU needed for room with larger size.

Use of Energy

The energy use of portable AC unit will depend on the way people use the portable unit for sure. People need to consider about the energy use of the portable unit because it can affect the energy bills. There is no need to worry because they can make proper consideration about the energy use of the portable unit from the Energy Star rate added to every product. If people want to save energy use with portable unit, they need to choose which comes with thermostat which can be programmed. Proper maintenance will be a great help for saving energy on portable AC unit.


Air conditioner works by venting out the hot air for keeping the room cool. In this circumstance, people have to pay attention about the ventilation of the portable AC unit. Most products come with window venting kit but they need to make sure that they place the unit close to the window. If they want to place it far from the window, they need to consider about the maximum width of the window kit for portable air conditioners.

Top 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners in Virginia